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Angel Altar

Archangel MichaelCreating an angel altar is used as a place for meditation or just a quiet place to talk to your angel. This is not a place for angel worshipping. Angels are servants of God and they were given to us as gifts from God. All praise and glory goes to Him and this pleases the angels very much. You can acknowledge with gratitude and love for your angel when you say a prayer to God. When you start your day, you can say, "Thank you God for this great day with all the good things to come. Thank you God for the love of your wonderful angels. I truly appreciate them." Something as simple as this, you will feel a million smiles around you and a nice warm glow overcome you.

An angel altar is done out of love and it builds such a high vibration of loving healing energy in this area. You will find that after you had your altar for awhile and have used it regularly, that both the quality and quantity of sacred energy that is produced will increase. Your altar can be used for self development for spreading love and forgiveness.

Your angel altar can be anywhere that you wish. For best results, use an everyday room where other people can experience the peace and harmonious environment. You can have more than one altars. One outdoors can be created in a quiet area. Your area has to be placed where it makes you 'feel' very happy. This spot has to excite you to start building up on this energy. You must never use it simply as a place to deposit items It must be treated with respect.

Your angel altar can be as grand or as intimate as you wish. You can create it on a sofa table, on top of a bookcase, corner of a desk, bedside table, even on a window sill. Place it where you can sit comfortably to see your altar. Even if it is across the room.

Dress your altar with a tablecloth, scarf, doilies, placemats, silks, or linens. Your items can consist of a statue, a candle, framed photograph, handmade gifts, a plant, flowers, feathers and nature items. Nature items can be acorns, colored leaves, pinecones, or rocks. Everything has its own energy vibration. There are some items that you are drawn to more than others. Rocks and gems has their own healing energies that can help contribute to your altar. A pink rose quartz for love and harmony is a lovely compliment as well as a clear quartz rock for clarity. A trip to a metaphysical new age store or rock and gem store can help you find what will feel great for your altar.

Statues are a lovely compliment but not required. You are using items that help bring tranquil and happy feelings. Statues can be angel, Christ, Mother Mary, a cross, Buddha, Quan Yin, saints, etc. When you see these items they must help remind you of the feeling that contributed to your grounding or centering. If you choose to not use an angel statue, use something that will remind you of your angel. If there is a picture or photograph that makes you think of your angel, then frame it and place it on your altar. You don't need to tell anyone who or what this altar is all about. What matters is whenever you see your sacred space, you will think of your angel and your angel will hear your thought.

The purpose of a candle in your sacred space is to illuminate. There is something special that happens in your consciousness when you light a candle and that is God energy and that special place in your heart is God. The light is symbolic of the light of God that surrounds you, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, or the Infinite Light and Energy. This is the same light that comes from within you, that spark of God that is within everyone. If a real candle is not practical at the time, a flameless candle works very well.

Building an angel altar and using it regularly, your relationship with your guardian angel, God, and the angelic kingdom will become closer than ever before. You will immediately notice a change in the energy in the room. You will feel a sense of peace, harmony, love whenever you go near.

Take the time to create this sanctuary space that will serve in multiple ways in your home and garden area.

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