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Automatic Writing

What is Automatic Writing?

Automatic writing is the process through which the medium enters a peaceful and meditative state to open the line of communication with angels or spirit guides. With as little as the full name of the person a connection can be made where the angel guides may deliver an urgent message. In the meditative state, the message comes through in writing by the hand of the medium under the influence of the angel guides. This is not a separate service but if an automatic writing is called for by an angel then it becomes part of the reading process listed above.

Controlling the Messages That Come Through

The medium has no control over the message that comes through. It's not until the message is complete that we are aware of the information that has been passed along. While we cannot manipulate the message while meditating and keeping our thoughts clear, we can accept questions and concerns to see if a response can be garnered from the angel guides.

How To Know When the Message is Relevant

This is an important point to remember your angel guides will not supply you with information that's not helpful. Every message will be relevant and an enjoyable experience. Sometimes the nature or meaning of a message may not be immediately clear, but when the time comes it will be made so. Many times the angels may have an urgent message that they want to share. If not then they are typically very open to questions for which we can probe for the answer.

How Automatic Writing is Performed

Automatic writing can be done from a distance through email. Additional information can provide a more sound connection (a photo, full name with date of birth) however it can be done with just the full name. With this information we can begin to connect with your angel guides and become open to the message that they want to deliver in writing.

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