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Connecting with your Angels

Just because there are many archangels and angels to learn about doesn't mean that you should give up. It's like trying to find a friend that can understand the kind of life challenges that you are facing. Once you find that friend, you learn day by day all the things that you need to know. Before you know it, you're best friends. Archangels and angels are just like that.

Call upon the archangels and your angel when you need them. They can't help you unless you ask. Nothing is too small or large. Ask and be prepared for signs of guidance. Always follow through with them. Your angel will be very persistent until you do it. So don't be afraid that you will miss a sign and feel that you must give up. Never give up, even if you tried, your angel will keep nudging you for as long as it takes. The angels are not going to do the work for you. You asked for guidance and you've got the best help in the whole Universe by your side. How can you say no to that!

If you ever feel that you're missing the signs, talk to your angel. This pleases them very much when you take time to talk with them. Have your angel join with you through a meditation time. When you are centered or grounded, ask your question or whatever is on your mind. Then listen for their response through a feeling, hearing in your ear or head, or whatever images that come in your mind. Your answers will always come through in compassion, empowerment and love. They will never ask you to do anything to cause harm or fear. Their energy is love from God and love is the most powerful force in the Universe.

If you didn't receive your answer the first time, don't dismiss it. You were answered. It may take two or three tries before you can say, aha!

As you become more stronger in energy with your angel, it will start to feel like a big blanket of bubble wrap all around you because you aura will have grown in such high frequency to attract so many angels around you! You will always have your angel with you from birth to death. But you can never have too many angels around you! Don't worry about taking away the archangel's and angel's time from other important work. They live in a plane where time does not exit. Their deminsion can take them to multiple places simultaneously . Everything is very fluential for them.

Our angels are calling us to open up to their love and friendship. How hard can that be to ask a celestial being for their guidance and support? They want us to embrace all that life has to offer, but with conciousness and nonattachment to worldly goods. Life isn't supposed to be hard. We create our own stress.

Angels are involved in people's heart and lives are changing for the better. They are helping people find God, love and peace.

Connecting with your angel is easier than you think. There are three steps to work on before you can fine tune your ability to connect with the angels:

1. Energy - Chakras

2. Meditation

3. The Clairs ~ Clairaudience ~Clairvoyance ~ Clairsentience

God is love and light. He envelops us with a tremduous positve and healing energy because of his love and light. The angels are a creation of his energy and therefore we strive to create and keep this loving energy all around us.

Our environment and bodies require consistent attention for this nurturing energy. In Feng Shui, the chi energy flows through our home or nurture specific energy spots of our area. The chi energy quickly respond and increases energy according to the colors and elements of the area. If you are not familiar with Feng Shui at this time, the biggest concern is being clutter free! Every items holds and absorb energy. Being positive and negative energies, it affects our well-being. De-clutter to help lift light, "easy to move" and "breathe" energy. Keep your home environment clean and clutter free as possible. Your home is your sanctuary from the busy outside world. It should be your refuge and it should always be comfortable and nurturing.

Your environment will affect the chakras to a degree along with meditation to help increase the frequencies that helps our angels commnicate with us easier.

The power of color can heal, excite, soothes and attract positive energies.

Sound is important to healing energy. Soothing, classical, drumming and chanting helps to increase our frequencies. Aim to have some background music around you.

Aromatherapy increases our senses in many ways. Aromas are wonderful for healing, uplifting dispositions and removing any stagnant energies in your areas. Each archangels are attracted by certain fragrances that you can help uplift their energy around you. Our angels appreciates floral fragrances. Roses are very appealing to the angels.

Meditation should always be a part of your daily routine. It can be done at any time of the day or night. It can be done upon waking up or lying in bed or as you are falling asleep for the night. It can be sitting in a comfortable chair by your angel altar, in the garden, church, temple or even on your nature walks. You don't have to sit still to center yourself, your daily walks can be very effective. Absorbing the movements and the healing nature help center your chakras as you are walking. This clears your head and greatly increases your frequency with the angel guides.

Everyone has the ability to use one of their clairs. Most people are intuitive and/or uses their gut feelings for their answers. This is known as clairsentience.

If you are one to hear voices or "hums" in your ear, your head or just outside of your head, this is called clairaudience. Humming and chanting can help increase this frequency. When you are ready to hear your angel, don't strain to hear. This closes the frequency down and it drowns out the angels voice. Remember how it feels when you hear a voice or a hum? You just took notice of the sound and "heard" it. Just let it flow to you as if you were over hearing another person's conversation or the background of a radio program. This takes practice. Be relax, notice any muscle tightness and relax them and breathe deeply until you are are centered. A nice exercise is when you go to bed and can't sleep, ask your angel to sing you to sleep! You're never too old for lullabies!

Clairvoyance is seeing with your third eye. The third eye is one of your spiritual chakra energies. With this ability, you are seeing images that are crystal clear, fading images, seeing situations in movie scripts before your eye or in your head, or seeing figures or images at the corner of your eye. To help strengthen this ability, chanting "OM" or "Ah" in various pitches will help clear your vision and increase the frequency. You will feel the vibration across your sinuses the most. This exercise will give you a very exhilarating overall energy to your body.

Your body is a truly wonderful machine that is your temple to your soul. Nourishment, exercise and living as natural as possible are important for our body and soul. Eating more raw foods, nuts, whole grains, less or no meat, less or no alcohol, no toxic substances, and plenty of water. Being as natural as possible not only helps your body but also for your spiritual health. If you need help with any bad craving or habit just ask your angel to help you. It will happen so painlessly that you won't realize that you had that bad habit.

The three steps, energy/chakras, meditation and the clairs will help you increase your frequency to help recieve your angels communication. As you are fine tuning these steps there are tools that you can use to speak with your angel.

There are lovely angel oracle cards that are very empowering, guidance and with love to help answer your questions. The angels will never give you anything that will hurt or give you any fear. They give love and guidance for your situations.

During our dream time the angels love to talk and work with us. If you need an answer or guidance, ask your angel to come to you in your dream for guidance as you are falling asleep. Be sure to ask that you will remember this dream when you wake up. Keep a dated journal for dreams as the angels will or may show you symbols and images that you will know or taking you on a tour. They may not make any sense as you dream this but there is a message in it. By writing it out and looking back on your notes, you will see a pattern of the message and go ah ha!

Automatic writing is another tool that can take a lot of practice for some people. After meditation, ask your angel the question and it helps your hand get into the movement by writing out the question, though this isn't required. If the answer is not coming through, sometimes writing in circles will help get your started. Your hand may be guided by itself or you may "see" the words going by as a ticker tape in your third eye. You will be copying the words as it goes by. Remember to date your readings and always give gratitude to the angels.

Signs are facinating attention getters. Signs are another way that the angels can answer our messages. If you see or hear in the physical world three or more times then you'll find the answer.

You may hear the same song over and over or songs of the same nature. There is a message or answer in the song. Sounds that can help you associate to the person or situation. Door bells, various dog barkings, a certain phrase, whatever series of certain sounds in a short time frame may be an answer or message. Seeing feathers, pennies/dimes, formed cloud shapes. They can be a sign of positive outcomes to stressful situations.

It takes some time to connect with your angels. Don't give up. Always talk to them, say hello, they can hear your thoughts as well as your voice. Learn to feel their presence and soon enough, you will experience the hug of your angels wings around you!

Copyright Barbara A. Cromwell -
Designed by Maggie Anderson,
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